What We Grow

What We Grow


We take pride in our product and quality. Our peonies are all harvested by hand in mid to late May and every stem is checked for quality. Starting in late May, our peony fields come to life filled with delicate pink, deep magenta buds, blush and coral on the verge of bursting open. We harvest every morning bringing in arm full's of fresh flowers from the field and once processed we bring to local markets and florists. We add new plants that were successful in our test plots the years prior to our production fields. So look for new varieties each season!

We currently are producing peonies in: White, Coral, Light Pink, Medium Pink, Dark Pink, Magenta

Every mid to late May you will find our family and friends in the peony fields starting to harvest. The peonies tell us when they need to be harvested and then it's go time. We will harvest from early morning to later that evening and then again for several days.  (They need to feel soft like a marshmallow and still closed before we will cut them).

After we start harvesting, we immediately start processing the cut peonies and then cool them down to slow the blooming process. Providing  our customers the best peony quality possible. In turn our flowers havegood vase life of at least 7 days.

Processing: We will start to sort the cut flowers by color, stem size and remove any peony that is not up to our quality control. 

Dogwood & Willow Branches:

We currently have over 3 acres of Dogwood and Willow for branch harvesting. Late Fall is the season we start harvesting our ornamental branches, and continue through the winter for fresh cuts. We offer a selection of stems from Red and Yellow Dogwood, and Dark Green/Red, Green and Golden Curly or Contorted willows. Don’t forget about those vibrant Flame Willows! These branches are great for outdoor containers, floral arrangements and woven structures/baskets. Multiple lengths are available.

Pussy Willows:

In February to March our Pussy Willow branches are flushing in the fields. We grow a wonderful traditional variety with dark brown stems and a special variety with buds that are tinted pink. These can go fast, so if you are interested, please contact when available for harvest information.