Dutch Layering Container Workshop- Oct 26 @ 12pm

Dutch Layering Container Workshop- Oct 26 @ 12pm


Dutch Layering Container Workshop

Hands On Workshop with Red Twig Farms and Leo Berbee Bulb Company

When we first heard about layering an outdoor container, we were completely intrigued. Once we found out more we decided this was a perfect fit for our customers. Container layering for longevity.

What's Included?:

·         25 bulbs (3 varieties)

·         Potting Soil

·         1 hour class includes education on layering and bulb longevity with the hands on creation

What to Bring?:

·         Your own exterior container

o   (If you are unsure of the size and if 25 bulbs will be the right amount, please email us)

·         Have 2 containers? Don't forget to add the "Add on Container Bulb Package which includes additional potting soil)

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