Shirley Temple BAREROOT

Shirley Temple BAREROOT


Peony bareroots will ship between Sept 15th and October 15th. One bareroot will have around 3-5 eyes depending on the variety as some may have 2-3 eyes.

Note: This is a bareroot not a full peony plant. A bareroot is similar to a bulb

Planting Instructions:

·         Dig a hole large enough to spread out roots please do not bend them. Set crown with buds flush with the ground. Water in-thoroughly. Plant at least 6 weeks before ground freezes. Store your bareroot in the refrigerator (NOT freezer) until you are ready to plant.

·         Hardiness Zone 3-8

·         Flowering Time   Late spring to early summer

·         Light Requirements    Full Sun, Partial Shade

·         Soil Requirements    Well drained soil

Peonies should never be planted under or around dryer vents, ac units, exterior vents. Soil conditions may need to be amended with new soil.

We are not able to warranty the bareroots as we are not able to determine how they were handled once received, placement of planting, soil conditions, watering, etc.

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